Our Upcoming Publications and Services


  • Incredible Farmers Magazine - (California edition to be announced) - Get ready farmers and growers!  If you're in California and you'd like to share your farming history or something inspiring about your work, please contact us soon!  We can set up an interview with you, and then get to work on your story.  No charges and no payments.   We are ready to publish your remarkable story!  We are currently accepting recommendations, so please let us know if you're interested.  Just use this link:  Contact us
  • Incredible Mothers™ and Incredible Fathers™ Magazines- These are two separate magazines that will make their debut in May 2023 and June of 2023!  We're currently accepting recommendations, and boy, is this exciting!  We're highlighting Mothers and Fathers who have lived or, are living phenomenal lives!  If you know an honorable person, we ask that you please make your recommendations by contacting usas soon as possible.  Space is definitely limited; only a few honorees in each edition.  So please let us know soon at Contact Us!
  • Spread The Word Gazette™ - (formerly the Booths For Rent Gazette™) - Currently being revised to be featured online.  Our new and revised, nationwide community newspapers will feature non-profit organizations, businesses, groups, families, and individuals who have done great deeds deserving of recognition.  Our newspaper will also publish true, inspirational stories!  We will be accepting recommendations soon, so stay tuned for details.
  • Technical Writing - Allow us to write the research reports, compile the PowerPoint presentations, or write the manuals that you need.  We will keep this description brief by asking you to let us know how we can write and compile what you need!  Please inquire by clicking Contact Us.
  • Biographies, Memoirs, Family Legacies, Historical Events, Anniversaries, etc. - We compose, print, and publish articles, pamphlets, and books for individuals, for families, groups, companies, and many others whether to bring honor, for archival purposes, or for other unique and special occasions. We'll print your true stories and facts in book form, pamphlets, on a plaque, in a newspaper article, or other reasonable methods at your request. Whether it's one page, a pamphlet, or a book, we can produce it for you! (Some restrictions may apply.)! 
  • The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary People- Scheduled to be published in the Fall of 2024, this state-by-state compilation of unique articles features ordinary people who have done extraordinary things; young and older; alive or deceased.   This hardcover, encyclopedia-type book will feature individuals, businesses, groups, non-profit organizations, and even families that are serving their communities in an extraordinary way.  For more information about this publication, please inquire by clicking Contact Us.

.....and there's more to come!  Subscribe to this website and get updates about what we're doing when changes occur!  We'd love to hear from you.  Drop us a line any time!