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Spread The Word Publications, Incorporated

is a Christian-owned, family-oriented corporation that produces and distributes various uplifting, edifying, and inspirational publications to people in cities and communities throughout the United States.  We also perform technical writing services for individuals, groups, companies, and other establishments that seek to outsource writing and presentation tasks.

Spread The Word began in 1988 as a printing and gifts company that created unique office supplies and customized gifts for individuals, churches and various other Christian organizations. During the early 90's, Spread The Word began to focus on printing and advertising for not only religious organizations, but for many businesses in the Southern California area, especially in the beauty industry.   The Booths for Rent Gazettewas formulated in 2005 to cater mostly to beauty professionals in the Los Angeles area.  This newspaper offered professional hair stylists, barbers, manicurists, and other business owners the opportunity to present  themselves to each other as well as advertise to consumers throughout Southern California.


Beginning (approximately) in 2011, the newspaper began to be revised and enhanced with a new name and a new outlook.  The name became, the Spread The Word Gazette  and the focus was to become a nationwide publication that catered to people and organizations whose good deeds deserve to be heard.


Through many trials, setbacks, and tons of failures and short-comings, Spread The Word has evolved into Spread The Word Publications, Incorporated.  Currently, the company headquarters is based in Fresno, California (formerly in Los Angeles). Through various types of print media, we're on a mission to create a voice for unknown and overlooked individuals and groups in many communities. We print and distribute publications that are geared toward uplifting people and creating hope to dream and pursue better tomorrows.  Through our publications, we highlight tremendous sacrifices and heart-warming accounts in the lives of ordinary, but outstanding people. 

Though we perform many writing and literary tasks for many professional establishments, our main objective is to give exposure and spread good news about individuals, families and loved ones,
soldiers, volunteers, co-workers, special groups, non-profit organizations, businesses, and others who provide services to better their communities. We are devoted to creating public awareness of those who are providing much-needed services and acts of kindness to people in their environments. As we continue to evolve, our goal is to seek out the incredible services of people and groups across America, and shine a light upon their wonderful feats and attributes.

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