Spread The Word Publications, Inc. (which includes its subsidiaries and publications), reserves the right to refuse (at any time and at our sole discretion) any registration submittal, recommendation, and referral, as well as photos, videos, or information and materials of any sort from any individual, group, company, or other establishment. We also reserve the right to refuse at any time any material such as publishing requests, advertisement, or publicity by any means, which in our judgment and sole discretion are not keeping with the family nature of Spread The Word Publications, Inc., OR that which may be damaging or contradictory to the growth and development of Spread The Word Publications, Inc., and/or any of our associates or affiliates.

Unless otherwise expressed in writing, and apart from our rewards programs or such like, NO COMPENSATION, whether financial or any other kind, shall be given to any of the featured honorees or those who submit recommendations/referrals for honorees, whether non-profit organizations, groups, or individuals included in our newspapers, magazines, books, and various other publications, including biographical or archival literature, fiction and non-fiction, nor any of our other publications of any type, past, present, or future, whether in printed, digital, electronic, or any other form.  Also, no compensation shall be given to any of the honorees' family members and descendants, affiliates, associates, grantees, ascribees, representatives, nor any other agents (past, present, and future) involved or not involved in the compilation process and/or any part of producing and/or distributing our publications.  Prior to publishing dates, a signed Liability Waiver & Publicity Release is required from participating individuals, groups, or representatives involved, and/or being featured in any of our publications. Scheduled publication periods/dates and distribution quantities may change without prior notice.  Other restrictions not listed in this notice may apply.                                                         

                                                                                                                                                              Updated 6/1/21

The STWG began in 2005, but its roots go back to 1988-89 (see About Us/History). The STWG originated in Los Angeles, California, and our nationwide outreach began in Miami, Florida using our former name, Booths For Rent Gazette™. (Our newspapers previously catered mostly to the beauty industry; salons, barber shops, etc.) Since revising and broadening our focus to feature a wide spectrum of non-profit organizations, human interest stories, and a few business advertisements, we are fortunate to have the opportunity and privilege to reach numerous audiences in many communities.

Spread The Word Gazette™ Circulation

We are currently revamping our community newspapers to provide online services in addition to the regular printed (paper) versions.  Our goal is to provide viewing for as many readers and supporters as possible.  You may continue to submit recommendations for honorees by emailing us at Contact Us.  Business advertisement for future editions can be arranged by contacting us as well.  Thank you for your patience in staying with us as we complete the necessary adjustments.

The non-profit organizations and individuals we feature are selected through many hours of research. The criteria is based mainly on the tremendous services these honorees provide in their day-to-day lives or their communities. There is no charge to the individuals and organizations we've selected to feature!  Over 75% of our newspapers' pages are dedicated to honorees, non-profit organizations, and uplifting literature for our readers to further enjoy! We also carefully select outstanding community businesses to highlight free of charge.  Opportunities are available for a few businesses to purchase advertisement when space is available.

About the Spread The Word Gazette

The Spread The Word Gazette™ (STWG), also deemed "the good deeds newspaper™", is our nationwide, community newspaper that features non-profit organizations, groups, and individuals free of charge, and selected businesses at discounted rates.  Our feature articles are written at no charge to recognize unique and outstanding people who are making a difference in serving their families and/or communities. As we continue to revamp our newspapers for online service, recommendations can be submitted from across the United States for honorees to be featured in our most popular publications.  For more information, please inquire using the link, Contact Us.

Business Advertisement Pricing and Scheduling Information

Our business advertisement prices are determined mainly according to the number of subscribers we have for the city of interest, and the size of the ad.  If we are circulating our newspapers in your city, advertisement quotes are available upon request for each issue.  To receive an advertisement quote and scheduling information, please stay tuned to this website and our public announcements as we continue plans for upcoming editions.  You may also submit your requests at Contact Us.


Archives (samples of selected past editions)

Although our newspapers are new and being totally revised, below are samples of advertisement editions we've published in the past.  The "Booths For Rent Gazette" was the former name of our community advertisement newspapers.

(click on pages below to view)

Los Angeles, CA advertisement edition (pages 1-8 and pages 9-16)

Miami, FL feature articles edition (pages 1-11 and pages 12-20)