We're currently accepting recommendations for outstanding Mothers and Fathers to be featured in two of our long-awaited publications, Incredible Mothers™ and Incredible Fathers™  Magazines!

We're requesting your words of reflection, inspiration, poems of well-wishes and encouragement, including photos of the honoree!  Our writing staff will then create a one-page article about the honoree that you'll be sure to love!  Then we'll publish it in our magazines in cities wherever the honorees reside....and..... online worldwide!  If you're not the "writer" type, we can plan a 15 to 20 minute phone or zoom interview with you to get your thoughts on the honoree so that we can complete an article, of course, to your approval! (No article is printed without written approval from the Submitter and/or family member(s) of the honoree.)

We are offering this as a free service!

Honorees can be young or elderly, alive or deceased, of any race, ethnic group, or creed!  We do not discriminate!  We are here to honor those to whom honor is due!

As mentioned above, these extraordinary publications are due for distribution and posting online in two different time periods.  They will continue yearly after their premiere; May 2023 and June 2023. However, recommendations are currently being accepted and reviewed for both.  The deadline for recommendations for Incredible Mothers Magazine is January 31, 2023.  For more information, please send inquiries using Contact Us..

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Spread The Word Publications, Inc. (which includes its subsidiaries and publications), reserves the right to refuse (at any time and at our sole discretion) any registration submittal, recommendation, and referral, as well as photos, videos, or information and materials of any sort from any individual, group, company, or other establishment. We also reserve the right to refuse at any time any material such as publishing requests, advertisement, or publicity by any means, which in our judgment and sole discretion are not keeping with the family nature of Spread The Word Publications, Inc., OR that which may be damaging or contradictory to the growth and development of Spread The Word Publications, Inc., and/or any of our associates or affiliates.

Unless otherwise expressed in writing, and apart from our rewards programs or such like, NO COMPENSATION, whether financial or any other kind, shall be given to any of the featured honorees or those who submit recommendations/referrals for honorees, whether non-profit organizations, groups, or individuals included in our newspapers, magazines, books, and various other publications, including biographical or archival literature, fiction and non-fiction, nor any of our other publications of any type, past, present, or future, whether in printed, digital, electronic, or any other form.  Also, no compensation shall be given to any of the honorees' family members and descendants, affiliates, associates, grantees, ascribees, representatives, nor any other agents (past, present, and future) involved or not involved in the compilation process and/or any part of producing and/or distributing our publications.  Prior to publishing dates, a signed Liability Waiver & Publicity Release is required from participating individuals, groups, or representatives involved, and/or being featured in any of our publications. Scheduled publication periods/dates and distribution quantities may fluctuate without prior notice.  Other restrictions not listed in this notice may apply.                                                         

                                                                                                                                                              Updated 6/1/21

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Incredible Mothers


Incredible Fathers™


....Mothers Mag premiering in May 2023

....Fathers Mag will start next year in June 2023