Wouldn't it be nice to honor the farmers and growers of our land! 

Well..... we've got just the heart and the will to do it!  The California edition of  Incredible Farmers Magazine™  is on the way!

 Incredible Farmers Magazine™ 


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                                                                                                                                                              Updated 6/1/21

If you're in California, we're headed

to a farming region near you! 

Why not allow us to give honor where honor is due! 

You can recommend an honoree, or wait until a

representative comes to your area!

If you're interested or know a farmer who should be honored, contact us as soon as you can so we can plan an interview!  We'll make sure that you are very pleased with our professionalism and the work of our expert writing staff!

Dates and deadlines will be posted as we see the progress with our interviewees.  Limited space is available in the premiere edition, so please act soon.  Please use the Contact Us link to request more information or to set an appointment.