Spread The Word Publications, Inc. (which includes its subsidiaries and publications), reserves the right to refuse (at any time and at our sole discretion) any registration submittal, recommendation, and referral, as well as photos, videos, or information and materials of any sort from any individual, group, or establishment. We also reserve the right to refuse at any time any material such as publishing requests, advertisement, or publicity by any means, which in our judgment and sole discretion are not keeping with the family nature of Spread The Word Publications, Inc., OR that which may be damaging or contradictory to the growth and development of Spread The Word Publications, Inc., and/or any of our associates or affiliates.

Unless otherwise expressed in writing, and apart from our rewards programs or such like, NO COMPENSATION, whether financial or any other kind, shall be given to any of the featured honorees or those who submit recommendations/referrals for honorees, whether non-profit organizations, groups, or individuals included in our newspapers, magazines, books, and various other publications, including biographical or archival literature, fiction and non-fiction, nor any of our other publications of any type, past, present, or future, whether in printed, digital, electronic, or any other form.  Also, no compensation shall be given to any of the honorees' family members and descendants, affiliates, associates, grantees, ascribees, representatives, nor any other agents (past, present, and future) involved or not involved in the compilation process and/or any part of producing and/or distributing our publications.  Prior to publishing dates, a signed Liability Waiver & Publicity Release is required from participating individuals, groups, or representatives involved, and/or being featured in any of our publications. Scheduled publication periods/dates and distribution quantities may fluctuate without prior notice.  Other restrictions not listed in this notice may apply.                                                         

                                                                                                                                                              Updated 6/1/18

Guidelines & Terms for Submitting Honorees

to be featured in Incredible Mothers Magazine™,Incredible Fathers Magazine™,

Incredible Educators Magazine™, and/or Incredible Graduates Magazine

  • There are no purchases necessary to recommend and/or be honored in our magazines!

  • Please read the "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy" of this website before submitting any information.  These documents give more details and terms concerning the materials submitted to us.

  • Honorees must be United States citizens.

  • You must be age 18 or older to complete and submit a recommendation form.

  • You may submit yourself as an honoree.

  • You must have a current, valid email address to submit a recommendation form.

  • If the honoree being recommended is under the age of 18, handwritten approval must be obtained from the honoree's parent or legal guardian before any information is submitted and published.

  • You may submit as many recommendations as you choose for any or all magazines. You will be contacted by email when we have successfully received your recommendation(s).

  • There are three ways to submit information about your honoree:  (1) write a brief summary about your honoree in the space provided on the Recommendation Form, (2) request a 15 to 20 minute phone interview to tell us about your honoree, or (3) upload your words to us along with photos and other pertinent information that would be good for the article.  PLEASE NOTE:  Because of the large number of requests, phone interviews may take longer to schedule than sending printed information.

  • You will be notified by email if your recommendation(s) is chosen.

  • For recommendations that are NOT selected for our immediate publications, they may be selected for later editions.  To be reconsidered, your online recommendation must be re-submitted for the next editions.

  • We strongly suggest the honoree (or the person representing the honoree) be informed that the recommendation is being made prior to submitting the recommendation form.

  • If the honoree is deceased, a significant family member of the deceased must approve the recommendation.  We require written permission and if deemed necessary, a brief cell phone video be submitted from the closest relative of the deceased.

  • For special honors, performances, duties, or services, the submitter must send written proof that the honoree, group, or establishment has performed the services that will be listed on the recommendation form.

  • All information is to be submitted by email (ONLY) with the honoree's (or representative's) hand-written, signed approval and (if requested) a cell phone video submittal.

  • Please use the Recommendation Form to submit initial information.

  • Please submit all information at one time. If more information is needed, we will request it by email.

  • Additional information (if requested) can be emailed to :

  • ​Please do not mail material or information to us unless we have specifically requested it from you. 

  • Un-requested, mailed material will NOT be returned.

  • Please send legible copies of all materials.  (Your material may not be published in our magazines if we cannot read or see the information clearly.)

  • After your information has been received, we will begin our verification process. If selected for our printed publications, we will begin composing the feature article. A confirmation email will be sent to the submitter and/or the person representing the honoree).

  • A proof (or draft) of the feature layout will be sent to the submitter and honoree for each verified honoree.

  • We must have signed approval on the final draft before printing and publishing is done. 

  • All recommendations must be submitted with permission from the honoree and/or the honoree's representative..

  • A signed Liability/Publicity Release Form is required from (or on behalf of) each honoree who is accepted into any of our publications. We will issue this form to each party involved upon the honoree's selection. 

  • DEADLINES:  In order to possibly be included in the 2022 editions, articles devised for honorees must be approved and FINALIZED by the following dates:
    Incredible Mothers Magazine™ -------  January 15, 2022
    Incredible Fathers Magazine™ -------  January 31, 2022
    Incredible Educators Magazine™ -------  February 15, 2022
    Incredible Graduates Magazine™ -------  February 28, 2022

  • Magazines are projected to be available approximately 60 to 90 days after the deadlines mentioned above.  For selected issues, online versions of our magazines may be available sooner.

  • Though we do our best to meet deadlines and time estimations, all dates are tentatively set and depend heavily on proof approvals and production time after approvals are received.  The expected publishing date(s) will be sent to submitters after we've received the submitter/honoree's approval of the final draft.  [These publishing date are general estimations.  Spread The Word Publications, Inc. (nor any of its affiliates) shall not be held liable for damages, losses, or such like occurring due to any literary work published before or after the estimated publication date(s) or deadlines].

  • NO COMPENSATION, whether financial or of any other form, will be given to anyone who participates in our publication offers, including those who submit information, those who are selected as honorees, nor anyone else associated with or affiliated with those involved..

  • Other restrictions not listed on this website may apply.

  • To begin (with either publication), those submitting honorees must complete a Recommendation Form on this website. Click here to begin.

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