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Legal Notice and Privacy Policy
This Legal Notice and Privacy Policy pertains to this website, www.spreadthewordpublications.com , including its domain name variations, its email addresses, and all services, products, and publications produced by Spread The Word Publications, Inc. and its subsidiaries, whether in printed, electronic, or any other form, past, present, or future, including (but not limited to) the following and all authorized variations of the following:

• www.spreadthewordgazette.com, .net, and .org
• Spread The Word Gazette™
• Incredible Mothers Magazine™
• Incredible Fathers Magazine™
• Incredible Farmers Magazine™
• Encyclopedia of Extraordinary People™
and any publications or literary works undertaken or commissioned under the company name, Spread the Word Publications, Inc.

This website is provided as a service of Spread The Word Publications, Incorporated.

Spread The Word Publications, Inc. and its subsidiaries (hereafter referred to as STWPI) are a national company that provides advertisement services and printed publications for businesses, corporations, non-profit organizations, groups and individual consumers in communities throughout the United States.
STWPI is also dedicated to providing a means of community service advancement by offering free publication services, economically priced advertisement, and job opportunities in regions where our growth and development is progressive.

By using this website and by utilizing the services and/or products offered by or appropriated by
STWPI, you (the user) acknowledge and agree to the Website & Publications Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement and this Legal Notice and Privacy Policy.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
In compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, STWPI and any third party acting on behalf of STWPI does not purposely intend to collect personal information from children under the age of thirteen (13) through or by use of this website (hereafter referred to as the "Site"), or by printed materials that STWPI produces. Though we understand that children may visit our website, STWPI does not knowingly request personal information directly from anyone under the age of 13. We highly recommend that children always ask their parent's permission to view any website or printed publication, and for each program or service offered on this Site and/or our printed publications, we advise parents and establishment administrators to review all materials and research any third-party involvement before involving children.

By participating and/or submitting any information to or through this Site or any of our printed publications, any adult who represents a person under the age of 21 (a minor) understands that he or she is acting on behalf of the minor, and all applicable terms, policies, rules, and regulations apply to both the adult representing the minor and the minor him/herself.

Personal Information Collected by STWPI
In order to utilize STWPI programs, products, publications, and services offered throughout this Site, users may be asked to provide "personal information" for identification purposes. Personal information may also be requested to approve advertising requests, issue prizes, gifts, and awards, and to verify the address of winners, nominees, and award recipients. Each time you access this Site to view, or utilize the products/services, or request/submit information via the internet AND, each time you submit, request, or retrieve information by postal mail or facsimile, STWPI may keep records of the information you've provided. The information collected by STWPI includes but is not limited to, registrations, applications, survey submittals, project voting information, suggestions, reports of problems and complaints, payment information, or information pertaining to the approval and validity of advertisement or publicizing requests. Your information will be used ONLY for the purpose of which it has been submitted and only within the terms set forth in this Legal Notice and Privacy Policy and the Website & Publications Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement.

To monitor visits to our website, STWPI may also collect information which can identify computer information such as IP addresses and domain names. Identifiers called "computer cookies" may also be placed on a user's computer when accessing our Site. A cookie is a small text file that is usually assigned to your computer when you visit a website. In the text file, information regarding your use of our Site can be stored. This information is collected unknowingly from the user. Each time a user accesses our Site, cookies help us match the user with the information that had formerly been obtained from that user. Information such as the number of visits, the amount of time users spend on our website, and other data may also be collected. Most browsers are set to accept cookies, but can be reset to refuse them. In general, this Site can be used without cookies. However, some parts of this Site will require the use of cookies to operate properly.

How STWPI Uses Collected Information
STWPI and those appointed to work on behalf of STWPI uses information collected from our website users and through postal mail services or facsimile for a number of reasons. Information collected on or through STWPI's website or through other means is used for the following reasons.

to respond to our users' questions, concerns, and requests for assistance
• to continuously shape and develop the website for better customer service
• to send users current and updated information when applicable
• to keep track of the users' areas of usage so that improved services are provided regularly
• to help in the verification processes of identifying those who desire to receive our advertisement services/products, and other opportunities
and benefits that STWPI offers
• to help provide more effective promotional material and constructive marketing tools

By receiving identifiers and other information from users, occasionally STWPI may offer users the opportunity to receive updates concerning our website, services, and products. Users may accept or choose not to receive these updates. If the user chooses not to receive our updates, the user can send us an email at info@spreadthewordpublications.com, or follow the instructions (usually posted on the update) for discontinuing the updates.

When a payment is made on or by way of this website or by postal mail, personal information from the payer is used to process the payment. This information is securely retrieved and handled by STWPI and the financial institution or parties representing STWPI to accommodate and promote the financial securities that are necessary for STWPI to provide public services continuously.

When STWPI Discloses Your Information
STWPI will disclose your personal information in the following conditions or occurrences.

• Your information may be disclosed if required by law or legal proceedings including but not limited to a subpoena, court order, by a regulatory
agency, or other legal authority.
• In an effort to provide better service and security for all users, STWPI will disclose your personal information if necessary to protect its rights,
property, and overall ability for progress and growth.
• If you have provided personal information to receive services or products, or as a participant in a STWPI program or event, in order to determine the qualifications and/or eligibility of participants, your personal information may be disclosed to a third party engaged by STWPI such as a sponsor, or other business affiliate that offers products, services, benefits, opportunities, or such like, with stipulations and guidelines regarding the recipients.
• Your information may be disclosed to STWPI's business affiliates and other third parties that may assist STWPI with the services, products, or events presented on this Site or in our printed publications.
• STWPI will disclose information to companies and third parties "not affiliated" with STWPI if the company or party is providing services/products related to a program, publication, service, product, or event offered by STWPI. In this case, disclosures will not contain your personal information, but only your information in relation to the sum total or overall group of participants or parties involved. Companies and third parties not affiliated with STWPI are defined as those that are not engaged, employed, or controlled by STWPI, and are not knowingly engaged,
employed, or controlled in any way by any of STWPI's affiliates.
• STWPI will disclose your personal information only within the terms listed in this Legal Notice and Privacy Policy and will contact you if any other disclosure terms are necessary so that you may choose whether or not to disclosure your information under different terms.

If a user or participant violates any of the following guidelines (without limitation to those listed), the user's personal information will be released to legal authorities to provide information for investigations or legal procedures that may be necessary to determine the actions needed to resolve the matter or incident.

• If our Website & Publications Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement or this Legal Notice and Privacy Policy are violated by a user/participant in any way
• If a user/participant violates the policies or rights of any third party affiliated with and/or engaged by STWPI whether involving the contents of this site and/or our printed publications, or not
• If a user/participant violates any laws, rules, or regulations regarding STWPI's programs, services, products, or events offered on or through this Site and/or our printed publications
• If a user/participant violates any postal regulations such as mail fraud, mail tampering, or any similar measure
• If a user/participant violates any security measures or is found to be involved in any criminal activity on any level

Security of Information
In an effort to provide our users, advertisers, and participants with secured services regarding their personal and credit card information, STWPI uses various security methods including secure socket layers (SSL) to transmit data by using encryptions to help in the prevention of unauthorized access or loss. By submitting or retrieving information to or from STWPI's website, or by Internet transmittals of any kind, you acknowledge and agree that, although STWPI takes every reasonable precaution and measure to effectively protect the privacy and security of users, advertisers, and participants who may submit or retrieve information from this Site, NO information or data transmission sent by way of the Internet is to ever be considered 100% protected and secure. Therefore, STWPI cannot completely guarantee the total security of any transmittals to and from this Site. For further details regarding information submitted or retrieved from this Site, refer to our Website & Publications Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement .

In addition, information submitted to, retrieve by, or received from STWPI via postal mail services or facsimile are NOT guaranteed complete security. By submitting or retrieving information to or from STWPI through the mail or facsimile, you acknowledge and agree that STWPI does not guarantee the security of ANY information transported by or through these means, and STWPI is not responsible or liable for disrupted mail or facsimiles of any sort, including but not limited to, lost, damaged, mutilated, tampered with, late, postage due, misdirected, illegible, altered, forged, duplicated mail, untransmitted materials, or any such like.

Other Links, Websites, and Third-Party Advertisers
The information given in this Legal Notice and Privacy Policy pertains only to the usage of this Site, STWPI subsidiaries, AND information submitted to and retrieved by STWPI via postal mail or facsimile. This policy does not include or cover our advertisers, links, websites, or third-party information that may be provided or may appear when accessing or using this Site or other STWPI services. Also, this policy does not cover the printed advertisements, websites, and company policies of those affiliated with or engaged by STWPI. Each advertiser, affiliate, associate, sponsor, or other such party has its own separate policies, terms, and conditions, and are individually operated. We highly advise our website and STWPI users, advertisers, and participants to carefully review the policies and terms of each link, website, or any printed material that may be available through our website or any of our printed publications.

By accessing this website and by responding to other electronically transmitted information, or mailed material involving our advertisers, or any other parties, you acknowledge and agree that STWPI is not responsible or liable for the activities, practices, and operations of our advertisers or any third party links, websites, or postal mail information that may be accessible when using this website or postal mail services. By accessing this website, you also acknowledge and agree that STWPI is not responsible or liable for ANY transmission errors or problems with delayed, lost, or misdirected transmissions by our advertisers or third parties.

Accuracy of Your Personal Information
At any time, you may review or update your personal information that has been collected by STWPI. We can assist you in keeping your information accurate and complete. For assistance, please contact STWPI at info@spreadthewordpublications.com

Modification of this Privacy Policy
STWPI reserves the right, without notice to users, advertisers, and participants, to edit or update this Legal Notice and Privacy Policy at any time. Users, advertisers, and participants are advised to review the information in this policy on a regular basis.

Last updated: January 1, 2022
Information may change without notice.

Legal Notice and Privacy Policy

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