One Minute Prayer at Noon
(until July 1, 2022)
We ask that you please join us in setting our phone alarms, computers, watches, and/or other devices for noon.  We will be praying daily, but we ask you to please choose at least

one day per week to pray for one minute at noon.

We are praying for God's mercy, His protection and

provision, His guidance, and His wisdom and insight

in our nation for 1 minute everyday at noon,

in Jesus Christ Name.

A Few Scriptural References in the Holy Bible

  1. Our God Protects Us From Pestilence and Devastation - Psalm 91
  2. Our God Preserves Us.  Our help comes from Him.  Psalm 121
  3. Our God Provides for Us.  Psalm 23
  4. Prayer of Agreement - Matthew 18: 19, 20
  5. Don’t worry.  Ask, and Receive His Peace -  Philippians 4: 4-7

For prayer assistance, please contact your

Pastor or a local Minister.

Thank you for standing with us

in prayer at least one day per week

at noon for one year!

If you'd like to let us know that you have joined us in prayer,

please send us a note by clicking Contact Us!

God is Still Here!

In good times and not so good times, our God is with us;

no matter what the circumstances are. 

We are not on earth left to fend for ourselves.

The Blood of Jesus Christ has been shed

to assure our victory in any battles we face!
Our Father in Heaven gave us His Word to assure us that we are triumphant in Christ, no matter what the case may be.

Psalm 91 reveals an incredible assurance of how much our God protects us from harm, pestilence, destruction and more,

as we trust Him!

But will we believe His Word and pray?

Prayer to God in Jesus Christ's Name is the key to

change and stronger faith that

God will stand by what He's said.

Spread The Word Publications is asking you to pray, not only for your family's well-being, but also for your sphere of life:  friends, neighbors, pastors, priests, church members, co-workers, medical physicians and care-takers, police officers, and other authorities in your community.  Please say additional prayers for our President and his Administration, and other governmental authorities in your city and state,

so they can receive daily wisdom and guidance.

As we stand together in prayer through the COVID-19 pandemic, and we may be in our future,

we can all help each other

to move toward a better tomorrow. 

Below is a link for Psalm 91 paraphrased as a prayer in first person.  Please recite it often and share this prayer with as many people as you can.

To view or printout the Psalm 91 prayer version, please click here.

 God's Protective Promises