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Honoring the Outstanding!

Our goal is to recognize and honor common, but outstanding, individuals, groups, and establishments in many communities.  Along with the Gazette newspaper articles in selected cities, we are also offering several new publications in our "Incredible Series", including our Incredible Farmers Magazine™ (premiering in California), the 2022 Incredible Mothers™ and 2023 Incredible Fathers™  Magazines, and the Encyclopedia of Extraordinary People™ currently on the road to making its debut in 2024! 'Know someone who should be honored?  Contact us soon.

Non-Profit Organizations

Youth Groups  •  Church Groups

Women/Men Orgs  •  Athletic Clubs

and many others! 

Our publications are big on highlighting non-profit organizations across the United States. Non-profit orgs are featured free of charge with no obligations.  If your organization is helping to make a difference in your community, whether the services involve youth, the elderly, the disabled, or whatever great and needful cause it may be, we'd love to hear about what you all are doing!  Give us a call or email and let us see how we can be of service to your organization!


We've found that a good old-fashioned feature newspaper is still in demand.  As we take a hiatus from publishing our hometown newspapers to revamp them to include online versions nationwide, our hope is that you continue to supply the wonderful stories, advertisements, and event announcements that you've done over the years as we come to your areas! In small towns, large cities, and those in between we are looking to feature extraordinary people who have done outstanding, uplifting things; heroes of the past and of our present times!  Non-profit organizations, unique individuals, groups, and establishments are featured free of charge!  For a minimal charge, businesses can also get exposure in this quaint and popular publication.  We can't wait to get it started in your town!  Contact us soon for more information!

Technical and Biographical Writing

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